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What Makes This Different?

Whether you're trying to become a top dance instructor in your industry or expand your dance studio business, we have gone through all stages and have done it well! We mastered each stage through many years of experience and we learned and perfected along the way.

Currently, our NYC dance studio is the top Salsa school which allows us to share all of this super detailed training with confidence, experience, and growth.

Our Strategies Get Results, Period! If you're trying to succeed, you have to do things differently. You can't do the same things you have always been doing or what everyone else is doing. That's where Instructor Training 1.0 comes in.

We created this course to show you exactly what we’ve done to differentiate ourselves from all the others and become a top NYC studio. We also lay it out step-by-step in this training so you can implement what you learn.

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Module 1: Introduction & Mindset

Being a well-rounded instructor takes a lot of training and more importantly having the right mindset. This module gives you the core principles of what it takes to dig deeper so that both you are set up for success and so are your students.

Module 2: The Teaching Method

What strategies are we using to teach and why? Why do we use Skills & Tools to teach our students? What are the different ways of teaching? All of this plays an important role when you teach your classes and we give the exact tools we use to implement.

Module 3: How To Organize It

People need structure and systems to be successful. We show you how to organize the teaching material by level so this is not only beneficial for the instructor or owner, but for the students as well. They will be able to build upon each lesson and progress in a way that makes sense for them and wants to continue learning from you. When people see value, structure and what is coming next, they want to stay to continue learning which results in becoming a loyal client.

Module 4: Hands On

In this module, we walk you through the exact same material and setup that we use in our Fundamentals course which is our most popular course that is sold out each and every month. We not only show you how each class builds upon the next one but we give several variations that you can use in future levels and months to come.

Module 5: Creativity

This module is yours! We gave you the building blocks throughout the program and now it's time to think outside of the box and get creative all while using the structure and tools from the course. This is a great module that allows you to think on your own so you can also see it from your student’s perspective which will help them grow in the process! We need to see, feel and touch the experience to be able to share our knowledge.

Module 6: The Business Side

Taking care of your customers, provide an amazing experience for your customers and getting them to come back to you is a major part of growing a successful business. In this module I'm going to give you some simple but very effective tips on not only keeping loyal customers but increasing revenue at the same time.

Module 7: How To Become a 5-star Instructor

How to stand out from the rest and become an authority in your field. Not only does this take work, practice and other skills but it takes investing in yourself and your students. In this module we give you ways to overdeliver and become an inspiration to those around you.



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This bonus is definitely worth more than the price tag as it will allow you access to all of our material, all levels that we teach at our studio so you can teach the exact same material month after month and start strong

Salsa Bootcamp Online Access Included as part of the VIP membership
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You will be able to keep this program for life. We created an Online program for our students to keep for life that will compliment their classes so they can practice at home. You can see the teaching methods and the structure in this course and also see how we created an online course!

Dance With Feeling Access Included as part of the VIP membership
(Valued $67)

This musicality and timing tool is the perfect program to get you to stop counting and start dancing. Joel created this product to help all dancers understand the timing of each instrument in Salsa to be able to express their dancing.

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You need to surround yourself with like-minded people that are going through the same things that you are. That's what our private community is all about. In addition to learning from each other, we will be in the group sharing content and answering questions.


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